The focus of the field based research is on the frontier fields of ecology, e.g. ecophysiology, behavioural, chemical and evolutionary ecology.
At the moment research is being conducted in various fields:
  • Behaviour and ecology of the termite hunting ant Megaponera analis
  • Amphibian comunity composition changes
  • Ecophysiology of the reed frog Hyperolius sp.
  • Ecology and behaviour of Macrotermes bellicosus
  • Termite and termite fungus ecology, diversity and distribution
  • Fungi ecology, diversity and distribution
  • Floristics and ecology of rock outcrops (Inselbergs and ferricretes)
  • Vegetation dynamics in a forest-savanna mosaic
  • Mammal density, ecology and distribution
  • Faunistic repopulation
  • Camera trap monitoring
  • Amphibian and reptile ecology, diversity and distribution
  • Comparative studies in pollination ecology
  • Studies in global-  and climate change