Welcome to the Comoé National Park Research Station

Located right inside the Comoé National Park in the North of Ivory Coast, one of the largest  protected areas in West Africa and equipped with electricity, running water, internet and a large airconditioned laboratory, it offers unique research opportiunities and is one of the most modern field stations all over Africa. The station is owned by the University of Wuerzburg, Germany, and operated in close collaboration with national and local authorities and various partners from different sectors.

This website is run by the “Friends and Benefactors of the Comoé Filed Station”, a non-profit association registered under German law. Our mission is to
  • support and promote ecological research that is being carried out by scientific institutions from Germany, Ivory Coast and any other countries
  • maintain and develop the infrastructure of the station
  • contribute to the conservation of the flora, fauna and habitats of the National Park
  • carry out capacity building, i.e. the training of scientific and non-scientific junior staff in tropical ecology and nature conservation